When I Hear That Trumpet Sound

Title: When I Hear That Trumpet Sound

Photographer(s): Thiago Dezan

Writer(s): Erick Dau

Designer(s): Bianca Baderna

Publisher(s): Seloturvo, São Paulo, Brazil

Year: 2021

Print run: 200

Language(s): Portuguese

Pages: 100

Size: 17x24cm

Binding: Spine in exposed stitching


Print: Risotrip Print Shop Co., São Paulo, Brazil

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest: Brazil, 2017 - 2020

ISBN: 97865000203257

Book and balaclava on special edition

Throughout the four years of the Trump administration, the photographer Thiago Dezan, travelled through several countries such as the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Haiti.

Portraying a set of revolutions, presenting us with a face of America that is not seen under the spotlight. A continent that still faces the same structural questions, fruit of an endless colonization. The song of the workers as it should be told - the instrument is the voice and resistance is life.

A result that evokes, in his first book, an ode to those who have the Americas under their feet.

"The trumpet will sound after all, but it will be by the hands and lungs of men and women blowing the mouthpiece. The dead, we now count, will not rise from the alcoves, but will rise again as memory, and this will not be the sunset of humans, but the melancholy, sad, belated end of god's reign.

When I Hear That Trumpet Sound is the fruit of an enormous capacity to love, to be dazzled, and to listen. It takes a lot of courage and determination to dive into the chemical rest of the divine experiment. It is sometimes toxic, poisonous, invades the body through the pores, takes over the blood, goes to the brain, clouds any capacity for peace. Love, especially that of this people, but also reciprocal love, for him, is what enables this sublime transformation of absolute chaos into genuine humanity."

- Excerpt from the afterword by Erick Dau


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