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Protestinphotobook is a platform, curated by Luciano Zuccaccia, dedicated to protest all over the world seen through photo-books that are part of his growing private collection, with reviews and interviews with photographers, curators and publishers. He is very active in the world of photo books, has been interested in the evolution of the medium for years and wanted to pick up the baton left by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger, setting out on the path of the unique collection and in turn trying to point to new directions in visual language. Similar to what other scholars in the field are doing for Luciano this is the path to take with anyone who wants to participate.

The aim of the website is to show the different books produced in the world, to stimulate reflection and debate on the subject. As many other websites dedicated to photo-books, Protestinphotobook wishes to be a source of information about books, a growing collection desirous of offering opportunity to a wide public to discover rare and unknown publications concerning protest  through a comparison of the different ways in which it has been expressed in different times and countries.

With this site I do not wish to encourage or promote any form of protest or even forms of racism manifested in whatever parts of the world, or furthermore express any political line.


For any complaint or clarification I ask you to contact me.

Supporters of the collection:

Giorgio Cosulich de Pecine, Vittorio Scanferla, Maurizio Berlincioni, Ivo Caravello, Nima Daneshvar, Roberto Salbitani, Ben Krewinkel, Andrew Purcell, Marcelo Brodsky, Sagrario Berti, Martin Errichiello, Filippo Menichetti, Mauricio Simonetti, Matteo DiCastro, Aurelio Gonzalez, Nicola Longobardi, Softdpress, Margarita Montealegre, Eridt Xhengo, Uliano Lucas, Nicolas Pousthomis Francesco Ciaponi, Carmen Benito, Enrique Larrieta, Ferruccio Malandrini, Luce Lacquaniti, Korhan Karaoysal, Robert Dunn, Exorma Edizioni, Sanjay Kak, Musuk Nolte, Lukas Birk, Massimo Roccaforte, Nicolas Righetti, Shikhar Bhattarai, Michael Kertsgens, Michal Adamski, Scalpendi Editore, Federico Montaldo, Joao Pedro Lima, Roberto Bianchi, Thiago Dezan, Giorgio Grillo,Jeffrey Ladd, Fausto Giaccone, Mateo Barbuzzi, Caterina DePietri, Maryam Zandi, Olivia Heussler, Ken Schles, Paola Agosti, David Alexandre Gueniot, Noni Stacey, Claudio Corrivetti Postcart, Edition Patrick Frey, Gunter Zint, Liliana Barchiesi, Liliana Lanzardo, Paolo Cardinali, Cordula Lebeck, Simone Ladisa, Julio Cesar Cardoso, Andrew Moore, Mirelle Van Tulder, Jankovic Andjela, Stanko Lanzedic, Kazuo Kitai, Celeste Roja Mugica, Karolina Gembara, Piero Cavagna, Olmo González Moriana, Gideon Mendel, Yasuhiro Ogawa, Sonia Lenzi, Dehghani Simindokht, Francesco Tacchi, Mary Ikoniadou, Catalina Juger, Javier Vivier, Roberto Pellegrini, Maria Zorzon, Vincenzo Pietropaolo, Markus Schaden, Frederic Lezmi, Nataša Strlič , Paolo Gasparini, Kaveh Kazemi, Cesura Publishing, Roberta Vassallo, Jeremy Jeffs, Lorenzo Allas DeBeni, Luciana Borsatti, Domenico Santonocito, Pilar Aymer Puig, Marco DeLogu, Alan Gnignoux, Maurizio DiIanni, David-Alexandre Guéniot Ghost Edition, Giuseppe Cardoni, Patrick Frey Edition, Nero Edition, Roberta Guidi,  Hubert Lauer, RM Editorial,  Kris Oosting, Dario Coletti, Artphilein Edition, Ileana L. Slejan, Roberto Aguirrezabala, Tiziano Butturini, Rafal Milach, Korn Karava Publishing, Pilar Aymerich Puig, Marta Martín Núñez, Tanja Petrović.

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