Days of blood days of fire

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Title: Days of blood days of fire

Photographer(s): Bahaman Jalali, Rana Javadi

Writer(s) :

Designer(s): Hassan Fouzi

Publisher(s): Zamineh, Teheran, Iran


Print run:32.000

Language(s): Farsi


Size:21,7 x 21,7 cm


Edition: 2nd Spector Books, Leipzig, Germany 2014

Print: Printed in Teheran, Iran

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest: Iran, 1979


It's quite hard to write something more than Hannah Darabi wrote in her book - Enghelab Street, a revolution through books Iran 1979-1983 - (highly recommended). So I can just mention some part of it to tell the story of this book. The book is a compilation of the work that Bahman Jalali and others photographers, including his wife Rana Javadi,(since Bahaman couldn't cover all the events) carried on during the sixty-four days that made the history in Teheran in 1979. I would like to focalize the attention on some particular, first of all the print run that was around thirty-two thousand copies (by the publisher Zamineh in Teheran in total with a second edition published in the same year), that means that people wanted to understand the idea of the various groups implicated in the revolution. Second the Ministry of Culture, that step by step took control of all the cultural spaces, refused to authorize a third edition censoring it due to photo of political groups, as Fedayeen-e Khalq and the People's Mujahedin, that the Government didn't approve, as well as photo of unveiled women, in fact declaring the end of the publisher.

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