Una Sombra Oscilante

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Title: Una Sombra Oscilante

Photographer(s): Celeste Rojas Mugica

Writer(s):Celeste Rojas Mugica

Designer(s): Alvaro Figueroa

Publisher(s): Asunción,Buenos Aires, Argentina

Year: 2017

Print run: 500

Language(s): Spanish

Pages: 60

Size: 14,5x21cm

Binding: Softcover


Print:in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest: Chile, 1970-1989


An oscillating shadow establishes a dialogue with my father's photographic archive, produced between 1970 and 1989, during his activism against the dictatorship in Chile and the eleven years of exile in Ecuador. It is set out as a series of exercises to approach the images that build and disappear memory and the fictional space that we can materialize and establish with it.

From the abstraction that gives title to the project and from the nature of the material itself with which I work there is a possibility of referring to absense and present, and to the movement - the oscillation - that gives rise to an appropriation of History in a transforming way.

Between light and shadow, between the origin and the exile, between a dictatorship and a revolutionary project, between an identity and others, there is a place for another (a present) approach to the construction -or disintegration- of a memory.

By the oscillation of light and shadow the flash of lightning appears, a space that emerges and takes place in the middle of the'' of the archive and the'Now' of its recognition.

The work is made by an artist book and a light installation with two connected and synchronized slide projectors, working with the technologies and new uses of original materials from this archive and those that were the "slideshows" of resistance against the dictatorship in exile.

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