Tweede Mars of Brussel, 14 oktober '62

Title : Tweede Mars of Brussel, 14 oktober '62

Photographer(s) : Willy François and photo agency Ingraph

Writer(s) : Ray Naudts


Publisher(s): Informatiedienst van de Vlaamse Volksbeweging, Ghent, Belgium

Year : 1962

Print run :

Language(s) : Belgian

Pages : 60

Size : 24,5 x 18 cm

Binding Hardcover

Edition :

Print: N.V. Govaerts te Deurne, Brusse, Belgium

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest : Belgium, 1962


In 1961, a first national demonstration to press for a revision of the language legislation was called by the VABT - Flemish Action Committee for Brussels and the Language Border - and the first march was an unexpected success, with 100,000 demonstrators.

A second march took place on 14 October 1962 in Brussels and under the pressure of these demonstrations the abolition of the language census and the establishment of the language border were accelerated.

The incidents were more serious in the second march. Counter-protesters lined the streets with placards saying 'go back to your country' or 'get out of the Flemish', shouting Sieg Heil and giving the Nazi salute. Hundreds of French-speaking counter-demonstrators hit the protesters with all kinds of bullets they had.

This book was a commemorative action by Wilfried Martens, chairman of the propaganda department of the Vlaamse Volksbeweging (Flemish People's Movement) and its intention was to mobilise for a third march on Brussels, as well as documenting the events.

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