The Revolution of light VOL. I

Title: The Revolution of light VOL. I

Photographer(s): AA.VV.



Publisher(s): Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (Ershad), Teheran, Iran

Year: 1981

Print run:

Language(s): Farsi

Pages: 208

Size: 21 x 28,5 cm

Binding: Softcover

Edition: 2nd 1982

Print : Printed in Teheran, Iran

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest: Iran, 1979


For those who want to learn more about the series of these books ( this one is the first of 4 others published by The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance - Ershad-) I suggest to buy and read the book on books - Enghelab Street - Revolution through Books Iran 1979.1983 by Hannah Darabi. I just propose a little introduction about this book.

This book establish a visual chronology of the revolution and thus constitute an official historical document using photographs (from press, independent, and "attached" authors) and archival documents.

This is the first of four volumes, this one deal with the 1978-1979 revolution insurrection and its origin in the june 1963 demonstrations, after which Khomeni was exiled.

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