Sanrizuka - Moeru Hokuso Daichi / Document 1966-71

Title: Sanrizuka - Moeru Hokuso Daichi / Document 1966-71

Photographer(s): Mitome Tadao


Designer(s): Kayoshi Awazo

Publisher(s): Shinsensha, Tokyo,Japan

Year: 1971

Print run:

Language(s): Japanese

Pages: 192

Size: 18,5 x 24 cm

Binding: Hardcover


Print: Seripack, Tokyo, Japan

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest: Japan 1966-71


A collection of photographs of recorded activities of the "Sanrizuka Struggle (Narita Struggle)," an opposition movement of people living around Sanrizuka, a rural area in the city of Narita, Chiba Prefecture, that became the construction site with the construction of Narita International Airport. Photographer Tadao Mitome photographed the situation from 1966 to 1971, such as the takeover, the interruption of bowling, and the collision with riot police. Published in 1971, it can be said that the theme of this book is the "people" of Sanrizuka, as he puts it. It was shot while he knew many of the subjects, talking and drinking, and tried to approach him not as a news photographer but as an outsider but as a resident of the opposition alliance. Only Mitsuru and Kazuo Kitai could shoot in the underground pit that was set up in preparation for the administrative execution. It can be seen that his photographs consist of the deep relationship of trust between Mitsuru and the farmers. Kiyoshi Awazu is responsible for directing the entire book, and the cover design and bold page composition that makes use of visual effects make us feel the times. A new edition, "Memory of the Sanrizuka Narita Struggle," was published in 2008, and the format and content are slightly different, so it might be interesting to compare the two.

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