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Sanrizuka 1969 -1971

Sanrizuka 1969 -1971 photo book Kazuo Kitai  protest against building Narita airportJapan,1969 -1971, published Nora-sha, Tokyo, Japan, 1971

Title: Sanrizuka 1969 -1971

Photographer(s): Kazuo Kitai

Writer(s): Kazuo Kitai

Designer(s): Osaki Norio

Publisher(s): Nora-sha, Tokyo, Japan

Year: 1971

Print run:

Language(s): Japanese

Pages: 184

Size: 18,5 x 25,5 cm

Binding: Softcover with a cardboard slipcase

Edition:2nd Nora-sha, Tokyo, Japan1975 / 3rd Steidl Gottingen, Germany 2010

Print: Asia Insatsu Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest: Japan,1969 -1971


Kitai's photographic account of the Sanrizuka farmer's resistance to the government's plan to built Narita International Airport is curiously his first step away from student radicalism. In many respects it is the opposite of Mitome's work on the same subject, also published in 1971. In his grainy images Kitai shows the soft side of the struggle, the long pauses between the fight, the waiting, the picnics, the harvest, the incongruous Kinen Shashin amongst the barricades, from an insider's perspective. He consciously avoids images of anger and violence. As such it is a superb exercise in subjectivity.

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