Revolcándonos entre las calderas

Title: Revolcándonos entre las calderas

Photographer(s): Carmen Benito

Writer(s): Carmen Benito

Designer(s): Carmen Benito, Mateo Barbuzzi

Publisher(s): Club del Prado, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Year: 2020

Print run: 200


Pages: 52

Size: 16 x 23 cm

Binding: Staples


Print: hand bound by Azeta Guía

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest: Chile, 2019


Photographs taken by Carmen Benito in Santiago de Chile, between October and December 2019, in the midst of revolts against the social injustice and inequality that has been the result of years of neoliberal governments.

It's always a pleasure to see an autoproduction that document a protest, even in a small edition, this mean that young photographers like to shot real life, not just to be artist.

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