Reason Purpose

Title: Reason Purpose

Photographer(s): Korhan Karaoksal


Designer(s): Frederic Lezmi, Okay Karadayilar

Publisher(s): Masa Publishing, Instanbul, Turkey

Year: 2016

Print run: 350

Language(s): Turkysh, English

Pages: 82

Size: 21 x 29 cm

Binding: Rubber tape


Print: Printed in Turkey

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest: Turkey, 2006 - 2015

ISBN: 9786059194211

As described on the book its concerned on, Ceremonies, celebrations and gatherings from western Turkey, 2006-2015.

An intense depiction of the demonstrations in that part of Turkey, well represented by a pleasant mix of black and white and colour

It does not matter how the tones are interwoven but this participatory way of being on the street that is part of the country's culture. A nice book with a good design as well as reproduction that was selected as dummy in several dummy award in 2016.

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