Photographs of Okinawa,one million people's distress and resistance

Title : Photographs of Okinawa,one million people people's distress and resistance

Photographer(s) : Koshichi Taira & Others

Writer(s) :

Designer(s): Okinawa Kakushin Kyotokaigi

Publisher(s): Shinjidaisha, Tokyo, Japan

Year : 1970

Print run :

Language(s) : Japanese, English

Pages : 84

Size : 18,5 x 26 cm

Binding : Softcover

Edition :

Print : Printed by Toppan Printing Co. Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest : Japan, 1968


This book is a collection of photographs of “Okinawa” published in 1970, composed of photographs by photographers living in Okinawa. Despite the announcement of the “1972 Okinawa Return” by the Japan-US joint statement in 1969, the anxiety of the citizens of the prefecture has only become serious. Despite continuing recovery activities in hopes of escaping from long US military control for 25 years and living under a peaceful constitution, the US military base has been increasingly strengthened, and has become the “essence” of a nuclear attack base. The reorganization has progressed, and the removal of promised poison gas weapons will not progress. Damage from explosions, various pollutions, disasters and accidents, crimes by American soldiers, residual orphans left behind by fathers (US soldiers), endless delinquency and prostitution, and demonstrations and struggles by local residents. . . A collection of works published for the purpose of advancing to a new return movement once again reviewing the current situation before returning to Okinawa. (Recorded in The Japanese Photobook 1912–1990)

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