OKINAWA 1961-1970: Photoreportage

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Title: OKINAWA1961-1970: Photoreportage

Photographer(s): Kurihara Tatsuo



Publisher(s): Asahi Shimbunsha, Tokyo, Japan


Print run:

Language(s): Japanese / English

Pages: 212

Size:18,5 x 25,5 cm

Binding: Softcover


Print: Printed by Toppan Printing Co. Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest: Japan,1961-1970


This book is a collection of works based on "Okinawa" published in 1970. A valuable book that describes the local facts of 10 years up to the mainland in detail.

(The Japanese Photobook 1912–1990 collection)

Many books in Japan over the years have told of the occupation and the consequences that the establishment of American bases in the nation and especially in Okinawa produced. Kurihara's attention is concentrated between the contrast of life inside and outside the American bases and the protest attitude of the inhabitants against the growing foreign oppression which was not only physical but also cultural. It should be considered that the Okinawa base was used for raids in Vietnam, yet another reason to protest against the imposition of America. The book finish with the use of color (evoking the Technicolor plenitude of American popular culture) , two prone soldier, relaxing from Vietnam, that joke with their girlfriends. That's interesting to represent the beauty and comfort of life that takes place in the American bases as opposed to the problems of the rest of Japan dramatized by black and white.

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