Nicaragua, insurreccìon y revolucìon

Title: Nicaragua, insurreccìon y revolucìon

Photographer(s): Margarita Montealegre

Writer(s): Tania Montenegro, Irene Agudelo

Designer(s): Consuelo Mora

Publisher(s): Aula Propia, Managua, Nicaragua

Year: 2015

Print run:

Language(s): Spanish

Pages: 48

Size: 13,5 x 15,5 cm

Binding: Softcover



Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest: Nicaragua, 1978 - 1990

ISBN: 9789996403866

A wonderful little book that talk about the work of Montealegre that show the passion of this young photographer. With the camera she participated to the revolution for her country.

Margarita Montealegre pioneered in the field of war photojournalism in Nicaragua, where she worked as the first female staff photographer for the newspapers La Prensa (1977-1979) and Barricada (1979-1983). She documented the revolution in Nicaragua and the war in El Salvador. In March 1980. Her most important photo is that when she took a photograph of a group of peasants demonstrating in favor of agrarian reform with a placard that said, "We are not birds to live from the air, we are not fish to live from the sea, we are men to live off the land." In 1985, the Nicaraguan government released a twenty-córdoba bill illustrated with a drawing based on that photograph.

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