Mensano, Primo Maggio 1963 - 1975

Title: Mensano, Primo Maggio 1963 - 1975

Photographer(s): Ferruccio Malandrini

Writer(s): Roberto Barzanti, Pietro Clemente, Francesco Faeta, Maria Luisa Meoni

Designer(s): Stefano Rovai

Publisher(s): Biblioteca Comunale degli Intronati Istituzione del Comune di Siena, Italy

Year: 2018

Print run: 400

Language(s): Italian

Pages: 120

Size: 22 x 29 cm

Binding: Softcover


Print: Polistampa, Firenze, Italy

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest: Italy, 1963 - 1975


Every year 1 May I think about workers and this book by Ferruccio Malandrini, photographer, bibliophile and great lover of fine author prints, came to mind. Malandrini has participated and photographed for more than ten years at the party of May 1st in Mensano, a fraction of the Municipality of Casole in the province of Siena, and after many years an exhibition and a beautiful catalog give us that festive atmosphere that was lived in the sixties where people participated and gathered to celebrate this social achievement. The images belong to a ritual that is renewed every year with a strong popular participation and this is the aspect that I like most of all of the book, you can perceive this festive atmosphere made up of songs, friendship, simple and genuine gestures .

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