Photographer(s): Sonja Hamad

Writer(s): Sonja Hamad

Designer(s): Paolo Cardinali

Publisher(s): Fugazine, Roma, Italy

Year: 2020

Print run: 160

Language(s): English

Pages: 40

Size: 21 x 24 cm

Binding: hand stitched with red wire


Print: La Legatoria, Roma, Italy

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest: Kurdistan, 2013 - 2016


Approximately one third of all Kurdish fighters in Rojava ( Northern Syria ) and North Iraq are women. Unafraid of death and fulfilled by their passion for their homeland and the love for their families and people, these women muster up the courage to face the heavily armed IS in Syria and North Iraq.

The IS stands for an ideological world-view according to which women are seen as inhumane beings without rights and freedom. It is in this context that the IS approves the most direct, extreme, and crass forms of patriarchy, sexism, and feudalism.

At home, they are celebrated as heroes. Because the Women’s libertarians movement is deeply rooted in the ideology of the PKK-movement, there are about 10.000 women aged 15-45 years old who have joined the female political party.

Many women of all ages, from all over Kurdistan, are drawn to join the battle. While some take part in Saturday Mothers on the Turkish side, others choose to join the guerrilla forces or YPJ fighters fighting in the mountainous regions of North Syria, West Kurdistan.

These women reject the patriarchal view of the role of women, who regard them as objects, prisoners in their homes and custodians of family honor.

It is without exaggeration to say that the current Kurdish feminist movement – from a military, ideological and organizational point of view – could be described as the strongest movement in the world in the name of women’s rights.

From Fugazine site.

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