Casa Azul

Title : Casa Azul

Photographer(s) : Giulia Iacolutti

Writer(s) : Giulia Iacolutti

Designer(s): Giulia Iacolutti

Publisher(s): The(M) éditions, Paris,French / Studiofaganel, Gorizia,Italia

Year : 2019

Print run : 500

Language(s) : Spanish, English

Pages : 92

Size : 17 x 25 cm

Binding : Hardcover

Edition :

Print : Printed by Grafiche Filacorda, Udine Italy

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest : Mexico, 2016

ISBN : 979-10-95424-12-3

Giulia Iacolutti's project tells the story of 5 trans women held in a men's penitentiary in Mexico City. She manages to get to interact with these women and start an investigation on various topics such as, the construction of gender identity and the daily discrimination of trans women.

The inmates, forced to wear blue (hence the name "casa azul"), find themselves fighting for their right to be a woman against an adverse system, both inside and outside of prison.

This is another book that is itself a protest, that wants to give voice to all the people who struggle every day in life to be who they are, who struggle to get what they need. I believe that a book can protest or at least can make us reflect on the human condition and see life from another point of view.

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