Photographer(s) : Edited by Halil

Writer(s) : Ertugrul Kürkçü

Designer(s): Mathias Grate

Publisher(s): Focuskop Fotoform, Stockholm,Sweden

Year : 2007

Print run :

Language(s) : English, Turkish, Swedish

Pages : 160

Size : 21 x 28 cm

Binding : Paperback

Edition :

Print : Printed by Grafisign Farsta, Sweden

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest : Turkey,1968-72

ISBN : 978-9163306549

I received these photographs on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the 68- movement in Turkey. The photographs were hidden and saved by the members of the 68- movement until that time.

Photographs were taken in different neighborhoods of Istanbul, Tokat, Niksar and Kizildere and in many other places all around Turkey.

When I found out about the photographs, I asked for permission to publish them. These pictures have created this book.In their raw form,, without any manipulation ...

Some of the pictures are from the massacre in Kizildere .

And the text is written by the person "who heard the voice of blood", the only person who survived this massacre.

It is a very special text for the young generation of today, the generation whose history is deliberately manipulated, hidden and not told.

The photographs has a language that everyone can understand without any historical knowledge.

My wish is that something like this will never be repeated.

And I hope that our children live in a world full of peace and freedom without oppression (in uniform or without). A world of humanism and equality.

Is Kizildere a beginning or an end?

Let us leave the story to the photographs

Introduction text by Halil

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