è il '77

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Title: è il '77

Photographer(s): Tano D'Amico

Writer(s): Tano D'Amico

Designer(s): Piergiorgio Maoloni

Publisher(s): I libri del No, Rome, Italy


Print run:

Language(s): Italian

Pages: 44

Size: 31 x 43 cm

Binding: Softcover and Stapled binding

Edition: 2nd - supplement at Il Manifesto newspaper, 2007

Print: Printed in Rome, Italy

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest : Italy,1977


By the title - è il 77 - we immediately understand that more than a singular protest we discover a period of italian turbulent years, especially in Rome, where there were violent protest for many purposes as civil rights, occupied University, the increased Fascist activity, struggle for housing. This oversize book ( 31 x 43 cm ) designed by Piergiorgio Maoloni, a noted roman graphic designer (famous his made up cover on Il Messaggero newspaper when the man landed on the moon) was for free. I point out the balanced use of black and white and white pages in an assymetric grids that enhances the D'Amico photo increasing the drammatic scene.

Tano D'Amico was so involved in the movement that the demonstrators demanded a record of the demonstrations until they collected money in a refuse sack to publish the first edition that was published by - I libri del No, by Dario Paccino publisher that was just failing as editor, but considering the facts decided to ask to the workers and printers to do it. Was a success and in fact students and even policemen bought it for many purpose making it rare to find even in bookshop.

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