Operacion Silencio, CHILE nach Salvador Allende

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Title: Operacion Silencio, CHILE nach Salvador Allende

Photographer(s): Peter Hellmich

Writer(s): Heynowski & Scheumann, Peter Hellmich

Designer(s): Walter Martsch

Publisher(s): Verlag Der Nation, Berlin, Germany


Print run:

Language(s): German

Pages: 242

Size:16,5 x 23 cm

Binding: Hardcover


Print: Printed by Druckerei Markische Volksstimme, Potsdam, Germany

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest: Chile, 1973


Peter Hellmich, of Studio East German H&S, was commissioned in 1972 to document the Allende-led trial. But what the coup leaders didn't know is that a couple of West German (DDR) filmmakers - who had earned the military's trust by pretending to be their supporters - would have left an indisputable first-hand film record that has lasted for 40 years. By attending the clubs frequented by Santiago's high society, Hellmich was able to meet the main leaders of the political right and of the unions mobilized against the government, such as Senator of the National Party Sergio Onofre Jarpa, and the leader of the truck drivers, León Vilarín. allowed him to be able to move freely and film the most important moments of the coup of 11 September 1973. The coup leaders themselves saw favorably the recovery work of the DDR, believing that they had them on their side and that they could send them to Europe a positive message of their action in opposition to the propaganda of the USSR which defined them as fascist and reactionary subversives. This book is an excellent documentation of the events that took place in Chile in 1973 with unique and important images. Its limit may be in the use of the German language, this is because in the seventies there was not much use of publishing in double language.

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