Gefuhl und Scharfe. Fotos fur die TAZ

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Title : Gefuhl und Scharfe. Fotos fur die TAZ

Photographer(s) : Peter Hebler, Carla Neuman, Ralph Rieth, Thomas Grziwa, Gunter Beer, Hanne Horn, Michael Kipp, Peter Dellin and much more.

Writer(s) : Benny Härlin, Ernst Volland


Publisher(s): Frölich & Kaufmann, Berlin, Germany

Year : 1982

Print run :

Language(s) : German

Pages : 320

Size : 21 x 27 cm

Binding : Softcover

Edition :

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest : Germany,1982

ISBN: 9783887250317

A book that brings together images and German life in the 1980s through the pictures of the many photographers who worked for Taz.

Although the Taz can still claim to have a relatively strong photographic culture, this book is therefore also something like a bow to the unrecognised artist in everyday newspaper life.

The book is divided into chapters, one for each photographer who documented a part of the protests, be it a simple student protest or an anti-nuclear protest.

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