GDANSK 1980, pictures from a strike

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Title: GDANSK 1980, pictures from a strike

Photographer(s): AA.VV.

Writer(s): Leo Labedz


Publisher(s): Puls Publications, London,England


Print run:

Language(s): English

Pages: 80

Size:21 x 29,5 cm

Binding: Softcover


Print: Printed by Biddles Ltd, Guildford, Surrey, England

Nation(s) and year(s) of Protest: Poland,1980

ISBN: 978-0907587002

When, on the 14th August 1980 a strike broke out at the Gdansk shipyard, nobody thought that Poland and consequently the whole of communist Europe would be taking their first steps toward freedom. The socialist block authorities were still in a very strong position and the Soviet Union was one of the most powerful countries in the world. Alone, against this unconquerable Goliath, stood David in the form of the workers. It was time to say “Enough!”.

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